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Setting up your email program or smart phone

Program setup instructions

To access your email account through your mail program or smart phone, you will first need to complete the configuration process.

We provide setup instructions to guide you through this process. To log in to the setup instructions please have your Crystal hosted email address and password ready. If you do not have this information please contact us to organise a password reset.

Program setup instructions


There are some important points to consider when setting up your hosting with Email Hosting Australia

  1. Your existing mail data (on your old server) does not come across to our server automatically. This is a manually process that you will need to complete through your mail program. We recommend using Outlook or Thunderbird for this process and we can provide you with instructions if needed
  2. Outlook 2016 configuration will require an Autodiscover record to be present in your domain DNS. If using this mail program, we recommend you go live with your email hosting before configuring your mail program
  3. Your mailbox will not fully function until your email hosting has been made live on our server
  4. Your email hosting will not be live on our server until your domain DNS has been updated